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Friday, 25 March 2011

New Designs for March 2011

If you're on facebook then chances are you've already seen these designs. But for those who visit via The Wedding Stationer website, it'll be a first for you :) These are the latest designs which I've made.

The two invitations in the picture below are made using card with real precious metal pigments, a high quality beautiful card.

Keeping with the high quality the ribbon bows are finished with a Swarovski gem a range of precisely-cut crystal. You can choose to have your names on the front including the date of the wedding.

As each is individually made by hand you can change the design to suit you :)

These are only £3 per invite and bearing in mind the quality, it's a really good price. Remember you don't need an invite per person, only one per household. Many brides often make the mistake of thinking they need one for each guest.

* * *

The next design I have put together to be a bit kinder to the budget.

Not only do you get the invitation but there's the menu and rsvp included! So no extra cost, everything you need from your invitation in one price.

These new 3 in 1 invitations are only £2.50 each you can also get matching evening invitations (which just includes invitation details) for £1.50 when you you order them together (normal price £1.90).

If you want something a little different, this invitation is the same style but is that little bit less informal having stars included in the font :) I love them!

Can be made using any colour ribbon did I mention, I have over 55 ribbon swatches to choose from so plenty of choice :)

Printed to match your ribbon, gorgeous!

I am getting booked up for this year, and already taken many bookings for 2012. So please book early to avoid disappointment. You don't need to confirm your design or colour until nearer the time, a £50 deposit books the time needed to make your stationery and is deducted from your total order :) Please get in touch for a friendly chat either via www.facebook.com/weddingstationer or by email invites@weddingstationer.co.uk
If you would like to speak with me direct call me on 01229 314004

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